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What is Core Belief Engineering?

It is an effective psychotherapy process enabling a person to make change in their life. It is a novel and copyrighted method of increasing personal wellbeing, self-love and self-trust, to enhance conscious choice and effectiveness. This process has been practiced throughout Canada since 1984 and many other countries since. It has consistently provided thousands of people, gentle yet powerful and effective results in a minimal time for making major and minor changes.

What Creates Conflict?

The subconscious mind is a multiplicity of functions and parts. Often these parts hold dissimilar or different beliefs that manifest as some form of internal disharmony or conflict, resulting in feelings of guilt, fear, hesitation, anger, compulsions, indecision, withdrawal, depression and physical problems. These conflicts with the present can be resolved since the conscious mind does exercise free choice and free will in making changes at the subconscious level. Total efficiency results when there is unfettered communication and rapport with the subconscious physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels.

How does Core Belief Engineering Help?

The Core Belief Engineering processes are gentle, flexible and create lasting attitudinal changes enabling you to alter, redesign, realign the beliefs that motivate your actions, feelings and choices. Decidedly to your advantage is the speed of the process. Many emotional and mental problems resolve within several hours of therapy, although with certain deep-seated issues, results can take longer.

How is Core Belief Engineering Different?

Everything you do, think or feel is based on your belief systems. Many self-help approaches make the mistake of trying to solve the problem from within the problem. For example, if you have trouble speaking in front of groups, the problem of sweaty hands and shaking knees is tackled - but there is no change to the underlying belief that is responsible for the automatic reaction to the situation.

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