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How does Core Belief Engineering Work?

Many of us think we are stuck with unwanted patterns and behaviors - that they are just us, part of our personality. The beauty of this counseling is that you learn such beliefs and behaviors are not the sum total of you.

The process is gentle and adapts to each individual's personality. Trauma does not have to be re-experienced. You are fully conscious during the entire process.

We begin with a contract as to what you want to accomplish. Your wish list. i.e :- confidence, respect for yourself, self-trust, feelings of self-worth and self-acceptance, creativity, success, decisiveness, happy, free..............You Choose

We then begin a guided internal communication between your conscious mind and the part of your subconscious mind that can aid you in solving the presenting problem. A part will respond when spoken to directly.

Each part has its own belief system, feelings, intent, benefits, imagery, history, age, a job to do, talents, sense of identity and ability to manifest reality.

Through a line of gentle questioning we discover the beliefs and decisions holding the problem in place.

We clear the part of beliefs that belong to others i.e. parents/teachers/society. Clear hurt, pain, guilt, anger..... from deep within, bringing the person back to a time before they took on others beliefs and influence and made decisions based on those beliefs.

We find the core self, this is the point where new beliefs are easily accepted to match what you want in your life today taken from your contract.

The process goes further to rediscover, expand and integrate the talents, strengths and abilities in this part of you and rebonds it with your conscious self. This part is now working with you to help you create what you want in your life, Today!

These sessions can last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Most clients need two to 3 sessions. The sessions are held a month to 6 weeks apart. Clients with deeper issues may require perhaps 6 to 8 Sessions.

Can You Benefit From a C.B.E. Process?

If you find yourself stuck or unable to manifest what you want in your life or you want to change a behavior or reaction or other undesirable symptom, then yes.

If you hear yourself say any of these limiting words:- I shouldn't, I can't, I won't, never, always, or black and white thinking. then yes.

If you worry with the thoughts "but what if, but what if," when trying to make a decision. then yes.

If you sometimes feel like a victim. as in:- I can't help it, it's not my fault, look what they are doing to me. then yes.

Generally, when you hear something other than clear conscious choice and action, then you could benefit from this gentle process.

If you want to increase trust in yourself, to experience laughter and pleasure from everyday experiences, to increase personal power and confidence, to release the love from deep within where spirituality can soar, to live consciously and happily?? Then...

Core Belief Engineering Can Help You Be All That You Can Be

We appreciate all approaches and work very effectively with and as a compliment to other healing methods for Human development. For example, physical healing, naturopathic medicine, psychiatry, self help and so on.

Also very good at addressing issues from serious dysfunction to other concerns around work, relationships, sex, love etc. It's very good at helping someone strengthen their existing talents and abilities to help them improve further and faster and also effectively clear the psycho-spiritual and emotional elements of physical illness.