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Understanding the Core Belief Engineering Process

Core Belief Engineering is based on understanding that the subconscious is not a singular entity but is comprised of multiple parts. C.B.E. finds it effective to look at the self as made up of parts on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. The Beliefs held by a part of us creates the reality we experience.

For example, think of the word "camping" what comes to your mind? Times of pleasant experiences outdoors or thoughts of hungry mosquito's, damp bedding, cooking in the rain? The word is the same - The internally held beliefs trigger the emotions, which in turn motivate behavior. Your reaction to any perceived event, person or situation is from a part of yourself designed to respond to that event.

Take driving a car...have you ever reached your destination and realized you were unaware of the actual driving? Did you experience that today? The question is, who did the driving? Your driving part, designed to respond to that event. Have you ever thought to your self, part of me wants to go to the movies and part of me wants to finish this report then there's another part of me that would just like to go to bed. Did you have a part this morning that wanted to sleep in?