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If you are ready to take a serious look at identifying and changing your Core Beliefs, please call:

Certified Core Belief Engineering Transformational Counselor

in Private Practice Since 1995

Solutions to Personal Problems - Checklist.

Is This You?

Check the statements that apply

I feel stuck in a pattern of self-destructive relationships, behaviors and attitudes.

I have tried a number of approaches to my major problem without finding "the answer".

I often have feelings of fear, guilt, resentment, indecision...

I sometimes feel conflict between what I think, what I feel and what I say and do.

I need more confidence to move ahead in relationships, work, hobbies and interests.

I often think that all the self-improvement work I've done has just treated the symptoms, rather than solving the core problem.


One - on - One Counseling that:

Increases your personal happiness, well-being and self worth.

Resolves deeply held fears, anxieties, phobias, compulsions...

Improves your ability to know, understand and express your feelings honestly & effectively.

Increases your confidence and flexibility in dealing with any situation you encounter.

Has you clearing & resolving conflict between your conscious and sub-conscious mind, thus freeing up energy for your goals and desires

Discovers and strengthens your known and hidden talents.

Benefits of Private CBE Consultations:

This unique proven method reaches into the subconscious and brings you in direct connection to your real self, such that strengths and abilities that may have been considered lost are reclaimed and reactivated.