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Physical Symptoms

Are there emotional underpinnings to your physical problems? Just as naturopaths and other healers detoxify the body, this modality has a gentle way to mentally and emotionally detoxify the mind.

The subconscious runs the body; we don't have to tell our hearts to beat for instance. We look at the root cause rather than just the symptoms; We view the mind as an interconnected system at different levels and layers.

I was invited to a Wellness Center for Physical Pain. My first question to the group "what do you gain from your illness?" received a good laugh. My next question "what's the payoff? paid off! Here are some of the responses:-

  • Don't have to go to work.
  • Slows me down.
  • Get more rest.
  • Receive extra attention.
  • Don't have to achieve.
  • Compassion from others
  • Don't have to address my real fears
  • Excuse for not doing
  • Less responsibility
  • It's familiar
  • An excuse to ask for love and attention

We have often found that emotional pain and or anger when not expressed is often stored in the body.

One of my Clients had a boil on her behind for seven years, she tried ointments, she had it lacerated,... the boil would not clear. Two days after we did a process on her anger part, the boil disappeared. Isn't the mind brilliant, let's just sit on our anger!

Let's re-build your life, with your own original Energy, Strength and Love.